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Double taper bearing / Bearing / ID, OD


Type of industry Bearing
Type of part General machinery part
Name of part Double taper bearing
Material SNCM420
Dimension ø450 mm(17.7 in)×195 mm(7.6 in)
Grinding surface ID, OD
Roundness ID: 3μm(0.00012 in)
OD: 5μm(0.00020 in)
Flatness Face: 3μm(0.00012 in)
Surface roughness ID: Ra 0.32μm(0.00002 in)
OD: Ra 0.32μm(0.00002 in)
Face: Ra 0.25μm(0.00001 in)
Cycle time 45 min.(NVGH-6T)

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