High-rigidity Vertical Multi-process Grinding Machine NVGH-6T



High-spec machine with high rigidity, high power and high accuracy

  • Applicable for middle-size workpiece up to max loading weight 500kg(1,102lb), work spindle swing ø650mm(25.5in).

  • Continuous indexing function on wheelhead is equipped as standard. This high-accuracy indexing turret enables crowning operation.

  • Grinding spindle with high rigidity and high power is equipped to perform heavy duty grinding; 18.5kW internal / 15.0kW external grinding spindle.

  • Applicable for various needs for automation, profile grinding by optional TC-type with work spindle indexing function, etc.

  • User-friendly operation panel equipped with conversational programming software "GriPS Ⅱ" as standard.




Range of internal grinding diameter ø60 mm(2.4 in) 〜 ø550 mm(21.6 in)
Range of external grinding diameter 〜 ø600 mm(23.6 in)
Grinding length ID 450 mm(17.7 in) / OD 450 mm(17.7 in)
Work spindle swing ø650 mm(25.5 in)
Workpiece height 500 mm(19.6 in)
[including fixture]
Max. loading weight on work table 500 kg(1,102 lb)
[including fixture]
Grinding spindle rotation speed 10,000min-1 (Int./ATC)
3,000min-1 (Ext.)
Floor space (W×D) 3,220 mm(126.8 in) × 4,550 mm(179.2 in)


Continuous indexing function on wheelhead

High-accuracy indexing turret is equipped as standard on wheelhead, which enables crowning process on taper. Even with difficult workpieces, we still achieve process innovation by grinding ID, OD and face in one-time chucking.

Profile grinding with work spindle DD motor TC-type

DD (Direct Drive) motor is available as a work spindle option. It enables high-speed and high-accuracy indexing of work table to perform profile grinding such as cam, curvic coupling, etc. DD motor is maintenance-free by having no wearing parts in the driving part which is another big advantage.

Significant reduction of cycle time with hard turning function Option

NVGH series has the highest rigidity in our lineup. With hard turning function, you can remove most of the grinding stock in advance which significantly reduces cycle time.

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