High-production Multi-process Grinding Machine PGV-2



High productivity enabled by turn table

  • 2-ACC (Auto Chuck Change) system equipped as standard.
  • Workpiece unloading/loading can be done during grinding operation, which reduces non-grinding time and significantly improves productivity.
  • Further cycle time reduction is possible by selecting gang tooling spec.




Range of internal grinding diameter ø25 mm(1.0 in) ~ ø200 mm(7.8 in)
Range of external grinding diameter ~ ø200 mm(7.8 in)
Grinding length ID 200 mm(7.8 in) / OD 120 mm(4.7 in)
Work spindle swing ø250 mm(9.8 in)
Workpiece height 200 mm(7.8 in)
[including fixture]
Max. loading weight on work table 30 kg(66 lb)
[including fixture]
Grinding spindle rotation speed 18,000min-1
Floor space (W×D) 1,400 mm(55.2 in) × 3,500 mm(137.8 in)


2-ACC (Auto Chuck Change) system

2-ACC system with turn-table feature is equipped as standard. Workpiece unloading/loading can be done in setup station while grinding another workpiece in grinding station, which achieves significant improvement of productivity.

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