Horizontal Internal Grinding Machine IGS-4NT



Internal grinding machine suitable for grinding spindle

  • Equipped with 4 grinding spindles as standard for multi-process grinding in one-time chucking, applicable for workpiece length up to 400mm(15.7in).
  • Suitable for multi-process grinding of ID, OD, face and taper of spindles for machine tools, achieving process integration and streamlining of production.
  • NC 3-axis loader is available as an option to meet automation needs.




Range of internal grinding diameter ø10 mm(0.4 in) ~ ø300 mm(11.8 in)
Range of external grinding diameter ø240 mm(9.4 in)
Grinding length 300 mm(11.8 in)
Workpiece length 400 mm(15.7 in)
Work spindle swing ø400mm(15.7 in)
Swivel angle of work table Front:1°
Grinding spindle rotation speed 18,000min-1 ~ 75,000min-1
[4 spindles]
Floor space (W×D) 3,400 mm(133.9 in) × 3,300 mm(130.0 in)


Swivel function of setting unit 0.0001°

Swivel function is equipped as standard on the headstock with setting unit of 0.0001° by NC command, which achieves taper grinding with high accuracy.

Continuous automatic grinding in one-time chucking

4 grinding spindles are equipped on a turret-type wheelhead as standard which enables ID, OD, face and taper grinding in one-time chucking. It provides optimal grinding of high-precision spindle for machine tools.

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