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Disclosure Policy

Taiyo Koki Co., Ltd. will release information in accordance with the following basic policy, so that shareholders and investors can understand our company.

Taiyo Koki stipulates "fair business practices" as part of our corporate philosophy and management policy. Our goal is to communicate with our shareholders and other people involved with our company, and to disclose appropriate corporate information actively and fairly. Moreover, as well as making every effort to comply with disclosures stipulated by law, we have established and implemented the following basic principles for information disclosure concerning other information as well, so that we can achieve transparent management by disclosing appropriate information in a fair and timely manner.

Information disclosure principle
During information disclosure we will not hide any facts nor make any statements which we know to be false.
Voluntary disclosure principle
As well as making every effort to comply with disclosures stipulated by law, we will voluntarily disclose facts which may be released.
Timely disclosure principle
We will disclose information about facts which may be released as quickly as possible.
Impartial disclosure principle
We will issue unbiased, impartial information to all stakeholders.
Disclosure management principle
Executives and regular employees concerned with information to be released will manage that information strictly until its release.

As concrete internal regulations, we have implemented a system of Insider Trading Control Rules, in order to manage information concerning important facts which could have a major effect on the business of our company or our subsidiaries. Based on these regulations, we will organize important facts which are covered by law, and stipulate the departments who will manage this information. Each department in charge will report to the Administrative Department when important matters are decided or occur, so that they will be released as soon as possible. The Administrative Department will be responsible for the disclosure of important facts.

Even in cases where disclosure is not legally required, we will observe the Insider Trading Control Rules and the principles for information disclosure in relation to important facts which could be considered to have a major effect on the business of our company or our subsidiaries, and disclose information in a timely and appropriate manner. Moreover, as a check function for our internal systems concerning timely disclosure, we have specified "Rules for the Board of Auditors" and "Auditing standards for Statutory Auditors" and our Auditors conduct audits to check whether the company has established and is applying a system in which corporate information other than financial information is disclosed in a timely and appropriate manner, in collaboration with the Internal Auditing Section in the Internal Auditing Department.

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