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Product Introduction

Machine specifications

*The picture above is Vertical Mate 85.                                                              

Capacity NVGII-8T Vertical Mate 85 Vertical Mate 125 NEW
Range of internal grinding diameter mm ø45~ø800 ø50~ø800 ø50~ø1200
Grinding length(ID) mm 485 485 485
Range of external grinding diameter mm ~ø800 ~ø800 ~ø1200
Grinding length(OD) mm 500 500 500
Swing of work spindle mm ø850 ø850 ø1250
Workpiece height(include fixture) mm 600 600 600
Max load on work table kg 700 700 2500
Internal Grinding Spindle      
Kind of tool   BT50 HSK-A100 HSK-A100
Power(cont.) kW 7.0 11.0 11.0
Wheel spindle speed /min 2500~10000 2800~9000 2800~9000
Wheel diameter mm ø40~ø250 ø45~ø305 ø45~ø305
External grinding spindle      
Power(cont.) kW 7.5 --- ---
Wheel spindle speed /min 2400~3000 --- ---
Wheel diameter mm ø355x65 --- ---
Work Spindle      
Table size mm ø750 ø750 ø1150
Work spindle speed /min 8~200 8~200 5~100

Control unit specifications

Standard Specifications Remarks
Operation system MAPPSIV
GriPS (Conversational grinding program)  
19-inch color LCD  
Canned grinding cycle Macro executor
Work coordinate system 54 sets
Tool shape offset / Wear offset  
Number of tool offset 99 sets
Background editing  
Help function M, G, alarm display, manual display
I/O interface USB, memory card, RS-232C
Program storage capacity 512Kbyte (Corresponding to tape storage capacity approximately 320m. However, only 256Kbyte is registerable)
Registerable programs 1000 programs (However, only 700 programs are useable)
User memory area 1Gbyte (Usable instead of data server)
Custom macro B
Additional custom macro common variables 600 pcs
Block delete 2~9 in the display
Stored stroke check 2, 3  
NC manual CD ROM
Manual pulse generator Separate from control unit
Signal tower Tricolor(red、yellow、green)

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