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Mecanical options

Mecanical options
Option Picture Explanation
Touch Sensor for Measuring ID, OD, face Touch Sensor for Measuring ID, OD, face It is effective in case of grinding large-lot workpieces (over 10 pcs).Especially in grinding a large-diameter or deep hole work, dimensional measurement by operator often needs the special measuring instrument or mechanic skill.
Rotary Dresser (for OD, Face) Rotary Dresser (for OD, Face) It is suitable for using CBN wheel and placed multi-points diamond on the rotary disc. Nevertheless, it dose not correspond to back face dressing.
Secondary Coolant Separator(Paper Filler) Secondary Coolant Separator(Paper Filler) This is the secondary coolant separator applying paper filter. We recommend it in case of avoiding scratch certainly and grinding nonmagnetic workpiece.
Mist Collector Mist Collector We recommend it when a machine is installed in a clean room such as constant temperature room. It aspirates the coolant mist occurred during the grinding and detach the oil mist from the air through the filter in it. Moreover, it also expels clean air from the machine.

Machine Options

Option Picture Explanation
Program storage capacity(1M)   It will increase the NC program storage capacity. It is equivalent to the tape storage of 2560m length.
Running time , parts count display Running time , parts count display It shows the current-carrying time and the cycle time, as well as the number of grinded parts.
Automatic power-off system Automatic power-off system It will switch off the machine power when the grinding finished.
NC Manual (Hard copy) NC Manual (Hard copy) This is a hard-copy instruction manual of the control unit manufacturer. CD-ROM is offered as standard, though.
Earth leakage breaker Earth leakage breaker It will switch off the machine power when the device detects earth leakage.
Operation panel AC100V plug Operation panel AC100V plug Additional electrical outlet of AC100V(1A) to the control panel.

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