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A message from the President

TAIYO KOKI firstly developed the vertical grinding machine in 1991. Since then we have delivered about 1,000 vertical grinders to our customers, greatly contributing to process innovation and high precision processing in their factory floors. The purpose of our development of Vertical Mate is to present more customers with further opportunities to use vertical grinders.

Features of the new products:
1) Simple design
Returning to our starting point of vertical grinder development, we have succeeded in creating simple structure and design, carrying on our principle of process integration of ID, OD and Face grinding. The machine is taking over the capabilities of high precision and multi-process grinding of our standard models, i.e., NVG series. Therefore, the new product realizes ID, OD and Face processing with one-time chucking. The accuracy is guaranteed with 1 µm(micron) (*1) roundness.

2) Convenience of the general-purpose machine
Through our devotion of standardizing functions and options, we have come to be able to supply Vertical Mate as a general-purpose machine.

3) Reasonable price
We have set the price of the machine 25% lower (*1) than that of same size grinder, NVGII-8T. We believe much more customers will be interested in this machine recognizing the price advantage.

*1 In case of Vertical Mate 85.

Noboru Watanebe

President Noboru Watanebe

A message from the developer

The best processing accuracy, good workability and realization of process innovation, all those are properties and uniqueness of TAIYO KOKI that has been engaged in manufacturing and sales of vertical grinders. Taking in the full of essence of the properties, we have developed the grinder, “Vertical Mate” for customers all of the world.

We named the new machine “Vertical Mate” wishing; more customers use vertical type general-purpose grinder as a “mate” or a buddy and benefit from the advantages of productivity improvement. Then, we would like to enlarge our circle of “mates”, achieving relationship between customers over the world and TAIYO KOKI.

Why not realize the advantages of vertical grinders with “Vertical Mate”?

Vertical Mate Development Leader

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