Cylindrical Multi-process Grinding Machine MGS-3N



Process integration for multiple process such as ID, OD, face, taper, V-groove and thread

  • High-rigidity multi-process grinding machine with distance between centers of 300mm(11.8in), equipped with turret-type wheelhead which enables process integration of ID, OD, face, taper, V-groove, thread, etc with high accuracy.
  • By adding multi-processing capability to conventional cylindrical grinding machine, setup change time is significantly reduced.
  • NC 3-axis loader is available as an option to meet automation needs.




Work spindle swing ø220 mm(8.6 in)
Distance between centers 300 mm(11.8 in)
Center height 150 mm(5.9 in)
Supportable workpiece weight 75 kg(165 lb)
Swivel angle of work table Front:1°
Grinding wheel dimension ø455 mm(17.9 in) × 65 mm(2.5 in) × ø152.4 mm(6.0 in)
Grinding spindle rotation speed 2,000min-1
Floor space (W×D) 3,500 mm(137.8 in) × 3,000 mm(118.2 in)


External grinding spindle with hydrostatic bearing

Hydrostatic bearing is adopted for external grinding spindle. Having no metal contact, it provides high rigidity and rotational accuracy from low speed to high speed. Also, the bearing oil with controlled temperature prevents the spindle from generating heat and provides stable workpiece dimensions.

Automation system Option

3-axis NC-controlled loader system is available as an option. Position, stroke, etc. can be easily set on NC screen which enables automated mass production. The whole system is developed by TAIYO KOKI, and therefore we are able to provide strong support.

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